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Thursday Live Streams on Twitch

For this week's Photo Editing Livestream on Twitch I've got some spinning and even more Outlander project photos! The Outlander Weave-A-Long project is off the loom and I've fixed all the floats. I've got the last on the loom photos and some off the loom photos. I still have to tackle twisting the fringe and then went finishing. Last week's Photo Editing Stream featured macro photos of the woven structure. Here's a small sampling of the photos followed by the link to the Stream Video shared on YouTube.

Here's the video from last week's stream where you can see the extreme 100% resolution of the macros.

Forgot to share the stream before that one.

In addition to my photo editing livestreams I'll also be streaming frequently with my spinning so keep an eye out for that. - Evanita

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