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Black Sheep Gathering 2024 - My Loot!

This year I tried to stick with tool buying and less of an emphasis on fiber purchases as I have sooooo much fiber to spin in my stash! My main goal was to purchase Jenkins spindles for myself as well as some friends. I love proxy shopping for my friends knowing that the beautiful spindles I pick out will go to good homes where I will more than likely see pretty photos of them in the future.

Here are the beautiful Jenkins spindles I picked out.

The following are spindles going away to friends. <3

Silver Maple Dragonfly Cross Arm Spindle
Silver Maple Dragonfly
Lacebark Elm Kuchulu Cross Arm Spindle
Lacebark Elm Kuchulu
Bigleaf Maple Dovekie Cross Arm Spindle
Bigleaf Maple Dovekie
Yes, it's really maple! WOW!
Spalted Hawthorne Wren Cross Arm Spindle
Spalted Hawthorne Wren
Spalted Hawthorne Weaverbird Cross Arm Spindle
Spalted Hawthorne Weaverbird

Mahogany Weaverbird Cross Arm Spindle
Mahogany Weaverbird
Oregon Oak Weaverbird Cross Arm Spindle
Oregon Oak Weaverbird

My personal loot acquired at Black Sheep Gathering

I tried to keep my fiber acquisitions low but ended up getting quite a bit more than anticipated. The Happy Meal box contains Mazama Fiber - 80/20 Cormo/Targhee gray wool which is absolutely DIVINE. It's extraordinarily soft and extremely well prepped.

"Mazama Fiber is the culmination of partnership between Palouse Yarn Company of Moscow, Idaho, and two woman-run ranches in Montana! Processed into combed top by Mountain Meadow Wool Mill of Wyoming. Sold only at The Yarn Underground.

Mazama Fiber is creamy, smooth, open, and fluffy; enabling you to spin bouncy and soft yarn.

80% Montana Cormo, 20% Montana Targhee"

The cinnamon brown on the right is Huacaya Llama from Pacific Lore Farm. Unusually soft and guard hair free for llama.

I picked out two lovely dyed fibers from Skagit Woolen Works. The green is Coopworth wool and the teal is East Fresian wool. I'm eager to test out both fibers for making Khaitu (Andean Weaving Yarn). Their dyed colors fit so well with the naturally dyed colors found in Andean weaving.

The dyed fiber on the left is 50/25/25 Merino/Blue Faced Leicester/Mulberry Silk from Tumalo Fibers.

The last wee bit of fiber in the center on the tiny spindle is BFL dyed by Greenwood Fiberworks in the Moss colorway.

I picked out two Jenkins Spindles out of Lilac(Bee Hummingbird and Wren) and a Black and White Ebony Chickadee.

Set of cotton hand carders from Clemes and Clemes. I got to use a pair in Michael Kelson's "Doing More with Less" class and found them extremely handy for small sampling of super fine fibers.

In the center is a sweet little wooden notions box from the Mad Frenchmen Woodworks. This is such a wonderful storage box and magnets make EVERYTHING better!

I had to pick up some BSG 50th Anniversary Loot!

All stickers except the BSG one and the Yarn Bee are from Cerulean Orchid.

Last but surely not the least is this adorable Ladybug from Little Skrunks. The maker was so much fun to talk with and their little fibery friend creations are so adorable and jam packed full of personality.

I also purchased a few gifts but can't sure those just yet. :)

~ Evanita

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