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I'm currently accepting commissions for photograpy and fiber arts. I will also be open to 3D printing commissions soon for both ABS and PLA extrusion printing.


While I'm more experienced with wildlife and nature photography along with fiber arts product photography I am open and capable of shooting other subject matter as well using both natural lighting or strobe lighting.

  • Wildlife

  • Nature

  • Floral

  • Pets

  • Fiber Arts

  • Still Life/Product Shots

  • Portraits


My rate is $125 an hour. This includes all photography time(including set up) as well as editing time. Upon completion of the shoot I send the client a set of contact sheets via Dropbox for review. The client selects which photos they would like and I edit only those photos for full size prints as well as for web format. Client may use these photos for whatever purpuse they choose unless discussed otherwise.


Fiber Arts

I'm open to commissioned handspun. I specialize in lace weight to sport weight, traditional yarns of 1-3 plies. I'm also open to suggestions for other fiber arts related commissions.

If you have any commission related questions for me don't be afraid to contact me I won't bite! I promise. :)

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