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Fiber Arts

While in college(Fall of 06) my BFF Coppermoth talked me into joining her knitting group at her college. At the time I didn't have the slightest clue how to knit but she said we could just sit and chat and if I was up to it she'd teach me how to knit. I picked it up quickly and not too long after that she got into spinning. Of course, I followed her into that rabbit hole in late 2006 not too long after learning how to knit. Shortly after she sold me her first wheel a Wee Peggy to become my first wheel so she could buy a newer one. I still have that wheel and cherish it as a way to remember the wonderful gift of creativity with fiber she gave me.


Over the past several years I've taken to documenting my progress with my projects through photography using what I learned in university. By combining my love for Photography and Fiber Arts I've been able to capture photos of my projects that I consider art within themselves. I love the way it allows me to capture moments in time such as when I'm spinning on my Turkish Spindles as sometimes I wish I could just let them sit like they are forever, but of course, if I let that happen I'd never get anything done!


Some of my fiber related hobbies include knotted bracelets, needle felting, silk fusion to use for alternative photography processes, knitting, dyeing, raising silkworms, and spinning on my Wee Peggy, Majacraft Aura, a flock of Daedalus Wheels, as well as my flock of spindles including Jenkins Turkish spindles, Longdraw James Supported spindles, Akerworks Module Spindles, and Jeri Brock Turkish spindles.


While in college I learned how to use the silk fusion process to make handmade papers of silk, soysilk, and bamboo. After making the paper I coat it with cyanotype or vandyke brown emulsion to make photos with them. I love how the photos turn out and it's great to combine photography and fiber arts into one process.

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