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My name is Evanita W. Montalvo. I am a wildlife and nature photographer, fiber artist, and maker. I grew up with a love for nature and the arts. I spent a lot of time wandering around the fields looking for whatever little critters I could find especially bugs and frogs. Over time I picked up photography to capture the beauty of nature. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Art History at the University of Saint Francis.

While my main area of expertise is taking photographs I also have a strong passion for fiber arts with spinning my own yarns from wool. More recently I've fallen into the crazy and exciting world of 3D printing. I've been learning how to operate various 3D modeling programs to be able to print models of my own creation.

I am the Photo Editor for tinyStudio Creative Life, Technical Support for Fiberygoodness, and Social Media Manager and Website Support for Daedalus Spinning Wheels.

To follow my photography, fiber art, and printing adventures check out my Instagram account

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