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Senior Project

Butterfly Flowers

The following images give a general idea of how I go about creating my "Butterfly Flowers". This is a board overview as I'd rather not go into the exact details of how they are developed.

All of the floral shots were taken in my personal studio with strobe lighting and black cloth for the backgrounds to create a seamless black background and beautiful lighting.

The butterfly wings were taken at the White House, Ohio Butterfly House with a 100 mm macro and a 500D close up filter. The macro lens and close up filter all me to get extreme macro close ups of just the butterfly scales. 

Once all the butterfly and flower shots were finished I then picked out the floral shots with the best lighting, composition, detail, and color and matched up the flowers with butterfly wings that complemented the flower in some manner. This particular image is the main piece of the series. This flowering plant is called a Butterfly Clerodendrum and it is paired up with the wings of a Grey Pansy Butterfly. 

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